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  • We are one of the most fully integrated companies in Kazakhstan – from contemporary seismic processing to reliable reservoir simulation.
  • Extension of your geological department capable of solving the whole range of exploration and development challenges through use of state-of-the-art software packages integrated into technological chains.

We are an independent consulting company, which was formed out from the branch of Reservoir Evaluation Services Kazakhstan ltd., that in its turn belonged to AGR Petroleum Services group of companies. Currently, we have more than 40 professionals in all subsurface disciplines including reservoir engineering and hydrocarbon production, that makes us one of the very few fully integrated service companies in Kazakhstan.

After more than 10 years of operating in Kazakhstan we have developed a wide network of partners in related service areas and can provide a complete range of services in reservoir studies, as well as field development and production. In 2013 CGG (Compagnie Generale de Geophysique) became one of the shareholders of RES. CGG (www.cgg.com) is a world leader in seismic, gravity and magnetic data acquisition, processing and interpretation, geophysical equipment manufacture, development of specialized software, etc. As a result of this partnership Almaty-based CGG data processing center was transformed into the RES data processing department. CGG provides full technical and expertise support for our processing center.

We provide high quality service in all sub-surface disciplines including:

Seismic Studies

  • Precise time and depth processing
  • Time and depth interpretation
  • Seismic attributes and modeling studies
  • AVO, Inversion studies, Seismic facies studies
  • 4C and 4D seismic studies

Geological modeling and Petrophysics

  • Log and Core analysis and interpretation
  • Sedimentological studies
  • Sedimentary facies and modelling of their properties
  • Static modeling
  • Rock fracture studies

Reservoir Modeling

  • Material Balance
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Prediction and History Matching
  • Tracers injection modeling and analysis

Field development

  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Optimized well planning

Field valuation and reserves reporting

  • According to Kazakhstani and international standards
  • Asset Evaluation/ Reserves Estimation
  • CPR reports

We are your Best Choice


  • A dedicated group of 40 professionals specialising in Geology, Geophysics, Petrophysics and Reservoir engineering
  • Experience with a wide range of oil companies, not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad
  • The widest group of modern specialized software and expert users in Kazakhstan


  • Integrated field studies
  • Equity and asset evaluations
  • Equipped with best software products on the market, such as, Geovation2, Hampson Russel, Tigress, Petrel, RFD tNavigator, Halliburton Geographix Discovery, Halliburton GeoProbe, Paradigm Stratimagic, Lloyd’s Register Interactive Petrophysics (IP), Log Tools, ffA GeoTeric, Eliis Paleoscan, CGG Petrosys, CGG PowerLog, CGG Insight Earth (FullSpark, PaleoSpark, FractureSpark), ESRI ArcView, Lloyd’s Register Interactive Correlation (IC), ENRES Cyclolog .
  • Efficient data management capabilities
  • Data collection and loading of final results into the client’s databases
  • Provision of services Worldwide