The first congress of geologists of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The first congress of geologists of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the authority of the Committee of Geology of RoK was held in the capital city of Astana. This event was intended to stimulate further development of the geological industry and outline strategic directions for strengthening the geological basis of the country’s economy.

Leading geologists were invited to the congress, as well as Ms Nurgul Aitkalieva, the chief geologist of our company; the representatives of academic and scientific institutions, enterprises and governmental authorities also attended the event.

In the congress the current issues and challenges encountered by the geological industry of Kazakhstan were discussed. Participants considered the necessity of providing more focused and comprehensive research to determine the potential of the country’s mineral and raw material wealth and to elaborate a strategy for its development in the future.

The importance of introducing innovative technologies and techniques in geological research was also emphasized, which would improve the efficiency of production and support sustainable development of the industry.

We have been honored to take part in such a significant event. This congress has become a forum where the efforts of all participants are united to achieve a common goal – to enhance Kazakhstan’s geological industry and ensure sustainable growth of the national economy