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Our geoscientists and associates have all necessary experience and technologies for implementation of advanced studies, such as: basin modeling, fracture reservoirs exploration, mass-transfer analysis in formations with tracers injection, etc.


  • Basin modeling
  • Fracture reservoirs exploration
  • Tracer injection studies
  • Geotectonic modeling

Services Provided

  • One-dimensional basin modeling is implemented by the staff of RES for each project (if necessary)
  • 2D and 3D basin modeling, this type of study is implemented with our partners, with whom several projects have already been carried out.
  • Preparation of structural 3D base for basin modeling
  • Geochemical data library of rocks and oil, contemporary pressure and temperature deviation in sedimentary cover, pyrolysis data (Rock Eval), palaeotemperature data by vitrinite and color spore index, Tmax, biomarkers, etc.
  • Core fracture studies
  • Log fracture studies (dipole acoustics, borehole image tool, etc.)
  • Seismic data fracture studies
  • Integration of data on fracturing, correlation with well work, water cut, etc.
  • Tracers injection analysis and modeling of traces propagation in the reservoir
  • Tracers injection planning and monitoring, modeling their movement using simulation models and models correction according to the actual registered data
  • Paleotectonic modeling
  • Tectonic conditions studies
  • Structure and faulting history analysis
  • Alan’s diagrams building and screening capacity faults evaluation

Our Company has a good experience conducting advanced studies, that in some cases can be crucial for evaluation of projects both from aspects of HC generation and development of fracture reservoirs in low-porous formations.