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Our specialists are qualified to interpret seismic data of almost any complexity.

Range of services

  • Quality control of seismic and VSP data processing, data conditioning for AVO analysis and seismic inversion
  • Quality control of the velocity model obtained during data processing
  • Well to seismic tie. Zero-phasing

  • Seismic modeling

  • AVO modelling
  • Interpretation of seismic data with option of total correlation of all reflections in a seismic cube (GeoGraphix Discovery, Landmark GeoProbe, Eliis Paleoscan packages)

  • Seismic sequence stratigraphy interpretation (Eliis PaleoScan)

    • Velocity modeling for depth conversion
    • Paleo-reconstruction (Ellis Paleo Scan) and mapping integrating all results obtained (Petrosys package)


    Dynamic interpretation of seismic data including:

    • Generation and analysis of seismic attributes
    • AVO analysis and interpretation
    • Calculation and interpretation of seismic and elastic inversions ( Hampson-Russell packages)
    • Prediction of reservoir distribution and its saturation based on litho-fluid classification of elastic parameter cubes
    • Classic and cluster (Paradigm Stratimagic 2D/3D) seismic facies analyses
    • Construction of high-resolution spectral decomposition color sum cubes, coherence cubes and seismic attributes (ffA GeoTeric package)
    • Identification of reservoirs geobodies, paleochannels, carbonate buildups and etc. (ffA GeoTeric, Landmark GeoProbe, Eliis PaleoScan packages).
    • Fracture studies and fault interpretation using InsightEarth package, Hampson-Russell (Promax module), Eliis PaleoScan and ffA GeoTeric
    • Integration of processed gravity, magnetic and geochemistry data with seismic interpretation results with the possibility to draw on the expertise of CGG, a leader in gravity and magnetic exploration, and CGG Robertson, a company with more than 50 years of experience in all oil-bearing basins of the world.
    • Geophysical evaluation of prospectsWe focus on using all data – well, regional, geological and development data – to provide the most comprehensive integrated results.

      Partnership with CGG has enabled us to expand our capabilities in seismic data processing. We are ready to offer our customers a state-of-the-art solution to any complex problem.