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Feasibility studies evaluate the potential of using AVO and seismic inversion as a predictive tool for reservoir and fluid properties prediction, additionally they can be guide for further interpretation of AVO, seismic and elastic inversion data for reservoir characterization. Feasibility studies are also required for evaluating the potential of using multi-component seismic data. These studies help evaluate the usefulness of seismic attributes for qualitative characterization of cubes of various parameters (Vp/Vs, density, λρ, μρ, etc.).

The quality of Feasibility studies are directly dependent on the quality of well logs and their interpretation. Such studies include several phases:

  • Creating a set of geophysical logs
  • Special well logs analysis for solving a specific task
  • Further the parameters and relationships obtained from the petrophysical data analysis can be used for:
  1. Fluid substitution modelling
  2. Synthetic gathers and sections
  3. Synthetic seismic attributes
  4. Joint synthetic and real well data analysis