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Study of Reservoir fluid properties

  • Establishing initial reservoir conditions – definition of pressure and temperature gradients
  • Quality check of fluid sampling conditions and laboratory PVT test results
  • Modelling of Fluid properties, “black-oil” or compositional.

Well test data analysis

  • Using analytical and numerical methods of interpretation
  • Evaluation of reservoir properties and connectivity

Saturation modeling

  • Based on core studies, well logs interpretation and production test results
  • Methods: Groups of capillary pressure curves for different rock types; Leverett J-function, FZI-Index

Simulation modelling

  • Black-oil and compositional models
  • Production history matching and prediction.
  • Tracer injection studies
  • Complex reservoirs modeling (fractured, fracked reservoirs, heavy oil)
  • Enhanced oil recovery modeling (polymer flooding, surfactant injection, thermal methods, water-alternated-gas injection (WAG))

Production design

  • Production profiles
  • Reserves evaluation – recovery factor technical and economic evaluation, development plans, trial production project design and technical scheme with integrated field infrastructure facilities (with partners).

Production optimization

  • Well performance monitoring and optimization
  • Full field production and pressure maintenance program optimization
  • Well workover planning and programs for production maintenance
  • Uncertainty analysis, identifying risks and opportunities
  • Well completions design and optimization
  • Nodal analysis for multilateral and horizontal wells