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Our geoscientists and associates have all the necessary experience and technologies for any of your geologic tasks – from core descriptions to building sequence stratigraphy framework.


  • Sedimentology
  • Sequence stratigraphy
  • Structural geology
  • Static Modelling

Services Provided

  • Sedimentological core description
  • Ichnofabric interpretation of core data
  • Interpretation of processed image log data (FMI, STAR, etc.)
  • Lithological interpretation of well logs
  • Well correlations
  • Interpretation of the depositional environment from well data (core – log data)
  • Integration of facies from the well data with seismic facies and building facies and depositional environment maps
  • Creation of depositional models for static modeling
  • Building sequence stratigraphic framework
  • Trend and pattern analysis of reservoir properties with sequences facies and well logs data
  • 3D modeling of sedimentary bodies (paleo channels, point bars, etc.) using contemporary software
  • Regional basin studies
  • Geologic evaluation of leads and prospects from sequence stratigraphy perspective.
  • Optimization of exploration and development well locations
  • Defition of geobodies with their properties prediction

Our geologists have rich experience in bringing together geological and seismic interpretations, thereby creating a better integrated interpretation. Partnership with CGG allows us to involve the world class expertise of CGG Robertson when required.