Integrated full field studies

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Integrated full field studies are our core business, this integrated approach, seamlessly bringing together all our departments, along with their experience, allows us to study the field to the fullest.

Our team of geoscientists, reservoir engineers and production engineers and oil and gas economics specialists provides cost-effective services in modeling of oil and gas fields for purpose of optimal field development and production management.

2D/3D Seismic Interpretation

  • Time and Depth interpretation
  • Depth conversion and uncertainty analysis
  • Seismic attributes and modeling studies
  • Inversion and AVO analysis and interpretation
  • Reservoir characterization

Geologic Interpretation

  • Core and facies Description
  • Sedimentological interpretation
  • Sequence Stratigraphy framework
  • Paleogeographic maps
  • Mapping reservoir geological bodies using seismic and well data and their properties prediction
  • 3D Geologic Conceptual Modeling
  • HC generation modeling

Petrophysics and Static Modeling

  • Well logs QC
  • Lithology interpretation
  • Reservoir properties
  • Integration with core data

  • Integration of sedimentology interpretation from core with image logs data
  • Reservoir facies and properties modeling using sequence stratigraphy approach
  • Porosity and permeability modeling
  • Upscaling for reservoir simulation
  • Preparation of chapters for reserves reports

Reservoir Simulation

  • Oil saturation properties distribution with account for capillary pressure and permeability
  • Integration with geologic models
  • Production test data analysis and PVT modeling
  • History matching
  • Production profiles for various field development scenarios

Field Development Planning

  • Field fluid modeling
  • Identification of EOR opportunities
  • Well placement and path planning
  • Development modeling (various development scenarios)
  • Uncertainty analysis for predicted production profiles
  • Risk analysis and reward quantification