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We deliver Data Management solutions for G&G and Reservoir Engineering applications and elements of IT infrastructure, a selection of which may constitute a package suited for small and medium-sized oil companies who neither wish nor intend to set up or take care of detailed Data Management operations themselves.

  • Evaluate your Data Management needs
  • Propose a secure Data Management solution
  • Advise on the implementation of the digital archive
  • Offer data services for creating and maintaining the database
  • Suggest good Data Management routines

Our Data Management products

We can provide a mix of elements from the following areas, as required:

  • Data management routines
  • Database design and setup
  • Database loading activities
  • Data export
  • Database maintenance
  • Data Room setup for equity negotiations

Our goal here is to create a tailor-made total solution for the individual customer’s needs, taking account of their ambitions, preferences, company size and location.

G&G and Engineering applications

Our expertise is an essential element in providing trouble-free solutions to our customers. We are able to procure and support G&G and Engineering applications from most of industry software providers while maintaining a healthy independence from any one player. We provide expert support to the following software products:

  • Tigress
  • Schlumberger: GeoFrame / ELAN / GeoViz; Petrel, Eclipse, OFM, etc
  • Landmark Graphics: OpenWorks/Open-X applications; GeoGraphics Discovery, GeoProbe, PetroBank/Power Explorer, Team Workspace, etc
  • Roxar: Irap RMS
  • Petris: Recall
  • CGG: Hampson Russel (Strata, AVO, eLog), Powerlog, Insight Earth, etc
  • Paradigm: Stratimagic
  • Eliis: PaleoScan
  • ffA: GeoTeric
  • RFD: tNavigator
  • LR Synergy: IP

Remote hosting/ASP solutions