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Our geoscientists have the necessary experience and are equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies for performing seismic interpretation of any complexity.

Services Provided

  • Seismic Processing QC and supervision, including surface seismic, VSP, AVO and Inversion
  • QC of velocity models during a processing project
  • Calculation of synthetics. Well to seismic tie. Zero-phasing
  • Forward seismic modeling (Hampson-Russel software package)
  • AVO modeling
  • Structural seismic interpretation with option of total correlation of all boundaries (reflections) in a seismic cube (GeoGraphix Discovery, Landmark GeoProbe, Eliis Paleoscan, Geotrace Tigress)
  • Seismic sequence stratigraphy interpretation (Eliis software)
  • Velocity modeling for depth conversion
  • Structure and paleo-reconstructions (2D/3D Move, Eliis PaleoScan) and mapping integrating all the results (CGG Petrosys software)
  • Dynamic seismic interpretation including:

Seismic attributes interpretation

AVO attributes interpretation

Interpretation of seismic and elastic inversion results (CGG Hampson-Russel, CGG Jason)

Reservoir distribution and saturation prediction, based on litho-fluid classification of elastic parameters volumes2

Classic and cluster (Paradigm Stratimagic 2D/3D) analysis of seismic facies

Spectral Decomposition of high resolution, coherency cubes and seismic attributes (ffA GeoTeric software)

Tracing reservoir geobodies, paleochannels, carbonate buildups, etc. with seismic data (ffA GeoTeric, Landmark GeoProbe, Eliis PaleoScan software)

Fracture studies and fault interpretation using CGG InsightEarth package, CGG Hampson-Russell (ProAZ module) and ffA GeoTeric

  • Integration of processed gravity, magnetic and geochemistry data with seismic interpretation results, with option of engaging CGG (Furgo-Jason) and CGG Robertson, industry leaders in gravity and magnetic exploration who have more than 50 years experience in all petroleum basins around the world
  • Regional basin studies using seismic data, with ability to engage CGG Robertson and Beicip-Franlab, world leaders in geochemistry and basin modeling
  • Geophysical evaluation of leads and prospects

In our seismic interpretation a special attention is paid to use of all available data – well data, regional, geology and engineering data that allows producing a most integrated results possible.

The partnership with CGG enabled us to further widen our capabilities in working with seismic data. We are able providing solution of any complicated challenge at the most contemporary level.