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Services Provided

  • Synthetic seismograms
  • Earth Response Calibration Log
  • 2D to 3D Seismic Ties
  • Seismic data processing QC
  • Wavelet Processing
  • Seismic Inversion and Characterization
  • Creation of λRо and μRо volumes
  • Shear wave estimation
  • Fluid substitution modeling
  • Seismic Forward Modeling
  • AVO Synthetic gathers and stacks
  • AVO Attributes
  • AVO attributes analysis and interpretation
  • Creation of regional AVO datasets for calibration

Reservoir Evaluation Services LLP offers a wide range of services in analysis and interpretation of seismic inversion, AVO and multi-component data for the evaluation of saturation type and lithology prediction under the realm of Interpretive Processing.

We can assist in predicting where hydrocarbons lie, using seismic data and get more out of your data.